For centuries, in Castelfalfi people have breathed beauty and culture. The Estate pays homage to this tradition, through its most complete expression: art. The Borgo is filled with exhibitions and art installations, where traditions meet the contemporary language of Tuscan artists. The Cellars of the Castle, brought back to their original glory, are the most evocative symbol of this: finally open to the public, the Cellars are today the most fascinating among all museums.


24 Tuscan artists express their creativity through a "flock" of artworks, which invade the ancient Cellars of the Castle.


In the hotel, paintings and sculptures by 18 Tuscan artists, whose artworks represent a balance between innovation and tradition.


The village comes alive with contemporary presences, artworks with a strong plastic significance. Divine characters, but still very human, of which we fall in love instantly.


The embraced male and female figures create a bridge between the earth, where the olive tree grows, and the vault of heaven.

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