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Become a farmer in Castelfalfi! You will make a pledge to our land, entering into an authentic world made of ancient traditions and unique experiences. By adopting a row of vines or an olive grove on our Estate, you will gain first-hand experience of the delicate, painstaking efforts required to produce outstanding food and wine, as you join us in growing quality-certified productions. With your support, you will help to preserve the Tuscan farming landscape, and you will have the chance to enjoy your very own splendid harvest.

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Become a farmer in Castelfalfi to enjoy unique flavours and experiences to discover our agricultural tradition.
When you adopt a row of vines or an olive grove, you will receive:

24 bottles of wine or 15 litres of IGT-label organic extra-virgin olive oil, made from the plants you have adopted

A label identifying the plants you have adopted, an official adoption certificate and the honorary title of Farmer in Castelfalfi

The chance to take part in the grape or olive harvest

A sculpture by the artist Andrea Roggi, with a personalised engraving

15% off purchases from Tenuta di Castelfalfi, both in Castelfalfi or on our wine shop online

A wine tour and a wine tasting for two people in Castelfalfi

From the fertile earth of the Estate and the expert hands of our farmers come six wine labels, each one a tribute to the authentic, genuine flavours of Tuscany. Adopt a row of vines: you will make a first-hand contribution to their growth, as well as enjoy the experience of producing your very own top-quality wine.

Adopt a vineyard

The oil-making tradition here goes back thousands of years, and our 10,000 olive trees produce a premium-quality oil, cold-pressed in full respect of the rhythms of nature. Adopt an olive grove: you will play an active part in rural life, and you will have the chance to enjoy your own superb organic extra-virgin olive oil.

Adopt an olive grove

Enjoy a special harvest: 100% organic, pure, cold-pressed honey, collected with total respect for bees using a high-quality, non-invasive process. A very sweet, fine honey that encapsulates the exuberance of the Castelfalfi estate and its seasons.

Adopt a bee hive

You'll make a pledge to our land and help to preserve our history

Be a Farmer is a project of the farm Tenuta di Castelfalfi that derives from our love for our local area and the desire to rediscover the values and expertise that link us to the earth, with an emphasis on quality production.

The aim of the project is to move towards an increasingly aware approach to farming, respecting nature and seeking to share the fruits of the earth with people who share the same passion and strong desire to protect them.

By making a pledge to our land, you will become part of an authentic, genuinely Tuscan environment, with a strong rural vocation. You will support the necessary practices to grow our farming production, with the chance to enjoy our top-quality food and wine.

You will have the chance to help us grow quality-certified production. Or if you prefer, you can make a special gift by donating an adoption to whoever you like.

The adoption package also includes a superb gift: a sculpture by Andrea Roggi, with a personalised engraving. Born in Tuscany, Roggi is currently one of the best-known up-and-coming sculptors on the Italian and international scene.

Using the ancient lost wax technique, the artist creates phytomorphic figures illustrating the relationship between Man and the Earth, their vital energy endlessly repeated and set in bronze.

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Special thanks to Andrea Roggi, whose nature-inspired art makes the Be a Farmer project so unique.

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