Il Borgo

Castelfalfi is history, tradition and preservation of a magical place. A journey through time that takes us back 2,000 years, to the Etruscan era. Its village bears witness to different historical periods, to successive properties and to authentic styles that today shine again and come together harmoniously in a relaxing walk.
In this historic setting there are also the Medici Park with its fairytale gazebo, the medieval castle that houses La Rocca restaurant, the picturesque church of San Floriano and many exclusive boutiques that populate the heart of the village, guaranteeing you a shopping experience made in Italy.

Among the latest openings, Erbario Toscano, with products for body and hair care along with perfumers and home fragrances, and Buca 19, dedicated to golf lovers but not only. For an exclusively female audience, YC Whyci, whose collections come from a deep knowledge of the best yarns, for an always refined style. 
Take a walk in the village and let yourself be carried away in the new Shopping Experience.

Buca 19

The new sportswear store in the village of Castelfalfi, reminiscent of the Pro Shop of the Golf Club, is a new point of reference for guests and tourists looking for high quality, sustainable and organic products made in Italy. Inside we find top brands linked to the world of golf such as Chervo, Tonic or Galvin Green, but also products at the service of the other activities present in Castelfalfi. In fact, there will be bikinis, cover-ups and other clothing with sustainable and made in Italy fabrics, as well as organic sunscreens.

Get ready for your active moment with the clothing of Buca 19.

WhyCi Milano

YC WhyCi collections arise mainly from a deep knowledge of raw materials. Silk, wool, cashmere, linen and cotton are mixed to always find new combinations that make each garment soft and comfortable.

Three generations have been involved in the making of these highly valuable products. The Italian production is of the highest quality, and uses only the purest and most untreated fibers, with a classic and always composed taste. The weight, texture and feel of the yarns are the source of inspiration for creations that are enriched each time with new details such as prints and embroideries, which represent the experience and tradition of the whole area.

Erbario Toscano

Erbario Toscano is a brand known all over the world by lovers of the Tuscan style. Its body and hair care products, perfumes and home fragrances bear witness to the authenticity of a region that is in contact with the daily life of those who live elsewhere. This is thanks to the ability to make an international reality unique that has been able to transform daily actions into rituals of care for the self and for the home. Erbario Toscano is the experience of a "lifestyle". Refined, in their extreme "artisan" simplicity, its products, suspended between art and beauty, are the ideal gift.

The details that make each package unique are accomplices in recalling the experience of a trip to Tuscany, a journey that begins every day thanks to the scents, colors and atmospheres felt and experienced by the body and soul, and which become part of us.

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Many other shops and activities await you in the borgo. You can rent a bike with Biking Tuscany to enjoy a tour of the estate in total freedom, buy men’s and women’s clothing at B&B cashmere and leathers, treat yourself to a delicious plate of Tuscan meats and cheeses at Taverna del Castello.

All shops are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm and 2:00 - 7:30 pm

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