Events & Weddings in Tuscany | Medieval Village of Castelfalfi

If originality is key to your event, imagine an exclusive reception in a medieval village decorated for the occasion. The Borgo di Castelfalfi is a rich treasure trove of centuries of history, set in the stunning Tuscan countryside. The historic buildings that line the street and squares of the village, recently restored in a way that maintains their authenticity, still tell the stories of the enduring passions and traditions of the region.

The craftsmen's workshops make a picturesque backdrop to a stunning sunset aperitif or a stylish, romantic reception. The charm of the location, combined with our outstanding service on everything from setting up the spaces to the styling and the menu, will make your event an unforgettable moment in your guests' memory. Castelfalfi invites you to enjoy an incredible dinner under the stars in the enchanted world of the medieval village.

Our team will guide you through every step to create a flawless event.

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