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Castelfalfi is a jewel set in the heart of Tuscany, a land that is historically rich in art, beauty, and culinary traditions. Its village, the Borgo, is framed by the natural wonder of its green hills, surrounded by kilometres of vineyards and olive groves, warm sun and a light breeze. Castelfalfi is the perfect destination for those who want to get away from the bustle of life, for those who want a marvellous interlude of pleasure but also for those looking for a more relaxed and peaceful lifestyle. Whatever your idea of a holiday looks like, full of activities or just doing nothing, staying in the village of Castelfalfi will fulfil your every desire.

Imagine a pristine place, surrounded by stunning scenery, where the beauty of nature dazzles you. Welcome to Castelfalfi.

At Castelfalfi everything smells of history and of culture and its rich medieval past now coexists harmoniously with the modernity of an vibrant, welcoming town. Here every day always has something extraordinary. Time passes in a relaxed way, and lets you intensely savour every hour of the day and peacefully enjoy the enchanting beauty of a timeless land.

A perfume that smells of Tuscany

With a picture, it is possible to capture the colors and shades of a place, but above all the memories of our experiences are made of perfumes, which make them unique and unforgettable. For all those who want to breathe the magic of Castelfalfi and its timeless atmosphere even at home, we have created the special home fragrance of Castelfalfi, thanks to the collaboration with an expert and refined Tuscan perfume maker: Bugetti Essenze di Toscana. Thanks to its rustic scent and woodnotes, Castelfalfi becomes a place of the soul, a never-ending memory. This perfume is the encounter of two different realities that have the same aim: to bring the most authentic Tuscany always with you, wherever you go.
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Go green, go eMotion

Dolce vita? Yes, but in an eco-friendly way!
Respecting nature is an essential value in Castelfalfi, and that's why our guests are now able to choose a completely eco-sustainable way to move, but with style! At Toscana Resort Castelfalfi electric Vespas are available for rental, to visit Castelfalfi and Tuscany in a fun and totally green way, in collaboration with eMotion Cars.

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