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Game Reserve

Located in the hills of Central Tuscany, in an unspoilt environment that is rich in history, art and culture, Castelfalfi's hunting reserve is a real challenge for hunters. In addition, the reserve has pointing dog training areas and two fenced-off areas for training dogs for boar hunting.

Contact us at or call us at +39 335 5469072 for information and bookings.

The hunting reserve, which covers about 600 acres, offers hunters the chance to test their skills on a diversified territory where animals are free and often holed up in their natural hiding places.


At the end of the hunting season you can also hunt partridges, pheasants and quails with a pointing dog inside the dog training area, with shooting.

We have, in fact, areas for training pointing dogs, with or without shooting, and two fences for boar stalking dog training: a big 60 hectare enclosure, where six dogs at a time can enter, and a smaller 10 hectare enclosure, which allows a maximum of three dogs at a time.

The hunting reserve can, at the request of its clients, offer the services of specialized ENCI-certified trainers, to provide suggestions, correct minor shortcomings or for complete training.


Castelfalfi Hunting Farm of has fenced areas for hunting ungulates, over an area of about 250 acres.

The typical hilly environment, with woods of oak and holm oak interspersed with open areas of meadow and pasture, makes the wait in the wild even more attractive.
From September to mid-March we organize boar hunting within the two hunting areas. A 10 hectare enclosure ideal for small hunts, from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 13 participants, and a large 60 hectare enclosure suitable to the large hunts, from a minimum of 17 to a maximum of 30 participants, in which you can have plenty of space for entire packs of dogs thanks to the extent and diversity of the hunting area.
In addition, within an enclosure of 100 hectares you can measure up with waiting-style hunting of ungulates from a terrace or by stalking, allowing more experienced hunters to test themselves with shots of up to 300 meters. We also arrange customized trips depending on the needs of individual groups.


Castelfalfi's hunting reserve has an area of 350 hectares divided into five zones for hunting resident wildlife: pheasants, partridges and quail. And, thanks to two magnificent lakes in the reserve, you can also arrange hunting mallards.

The extent of the areas allows hunters to take advantage of their hunting area in a very relaxed way. In the reserve there is an enchanted place where nature and traditions have remained those of long ago, Casale I Rogli: in this beautiful hunting house the hunters can live the charm of ancient times, rest and have lunch after the hunt.