At Castelfalfi, treat yourself to a multisensory experience that will restore your physical and mental wellbeing.
To achieve this, we have selected only the finest products by the most exclusive and innovative cosmetics companies in Italy and abroad. The formulations we use are carefully selected according to their therapeutic properties, supported by years of scientific research and active herbal ingredients.

Products for detoxing, soothing or anti-ageing, perfectly calibrated to suit even the most demanding and fragile skins, will enhance your outer beauty, giving your face and body new vitality and stimulating your senses for a visible, long-lasting result. Restore your skin's moisture, tone and elasticity with personalised treatments offering proven effectiveness, and improve your complexion with our delicately-textured cosmetics. The sophisticated scents and carefully-selected extracts will take you on a journey of discovery and emotion.


Locally-sourced perfection. One word: Lajatica. A marriage of innovation and tradition, Lajatica comes from a range of highly effective wine cosmetics for 100% natural beauty. With these products made from the pomace of grapes grown by the Bocelli family in the area around Castelfalfi, you will experience a sensory regeneration.

Maria Galland Paris

Maria Galland Paris is synonymous with unique treatments that guarantee exceptional, immediate and long-lasting results. Make the most of your outer beauty with these highly-effective formulations that bring together the best of science and nature: give yourself up to the skillful hands of our beauty experts and experience a sensation of incredible wellbeing.

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