Миссия, Философия, Ценности

«Всё держится на истории каждого из нас. Истории и сопричастность – основа нашего единения».


« We aim to become one of the main international luxury destinations of Tuscan tourism, transmitting to all those who experience Castelfalfi passion for our work, gratitude towards nature that welcomes us, respect for our traditions and the centenary history of the Estate. »


«Toscana Resort Castelfalfi offers 5-star hospitality, which enhances the centuries-old history of this medieval village, the Tuscan traditions and the majestic nature that surrounds it. We respect the environment, because we know that it’s in nature and the unique landscapes of Castelfalfi that we lay the foundations of our success. We are passionate about our work, because we are convinced that a smile can change a simple holiday into a unique experience. We believe in discreet luxury, which puts us in touch with local people and culture. We believe in the Castelfalfi restoration and development project, as an integral part of a growing community, and we want to be part of it.»


Ценности Toscana Resort Castelfalfi движут и вдохновляют нас каждый день.

  • Tradition

    Castelfalfi is a treasure nestled in the heart of Tuscany, which is based on more than 800 years of history. We are committed to respect and enhance its traditions every day.

  • Аутентичность

    Castelfalfi is a living community, a Tuscan village without gates, animated by hundreds of people who live it as guests, owners or colleagues. Not only that: it is an integral part of a local community made up of municipalities, institutions, traders, people. Our task is to create a network, supporting and enhancing the local activities.

  • Устойчивое развитие

    We care about protecting the environment and we are committed to promoting a sustainable tourism, investing in activities that limit as much as possible CO2 emissions, waste and impact of tourism on nature. Our motto is to respect and preserve the nature that hosts us: 1,100 hectares of olive trees, vineyards, pristine vegetation and animals.

  • Integrity

    Correctness, loyalty and transparency are the characteristics on which Castelfalfi bases relations with guests, colleagues and partners.

  • Personalization

    The extraordinary vastness of Castelfalfi and the wide variety of its services and structures allows us to create custom-made experiences for each Guest. We believe that a "tailor-made" experience is the key to our success.

  • Team

    Our capital is represented by the people who contribute every day to the success of Castelfalfi, dedicating passion and energy to a common project. Therefore, we support our colleagues, enhance their talents and promote training and team culture projects, to create a cohesive, motivated Team that is aware of our mission.

  • Project

    Castelfalfi is an ongoing project, which includes a development plan for the next few years. We firmly believe in this development and want to have an active part in the evolution of this impressive and unique project.

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