Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is the perfect place to switch off and enjoy a moment of total peace and relaxation. Let yourself be pampered by the gentle hands of our experts and the best multisensory experiences specially selected for your individual wellbeing. Ancient philosophies, skillful hands and luxury organic products come together in a new concept of wellbeing, taking you away from day-to-day stress and helping to restore your internal equilibrium, in complete harmony with your external surroundings.

Surrounded by soothing fragrances and the warmth of our sauna, every day you can give yourself up, at no extra charge, to deep cleansing treatments and exotic self-care traditions. Let yourself be guided by our experienced staff, who will help you choose the most suitable treatment for your needs.


A dramatic multisensory treatment from the Nordic countries, Aufguss is a precious and wholesome opportunity for a moment of relaxation. With graceful movements, an expert sauna master, the Aufgussmeister, will release steam enriched with relaxing and healing essences into the sauna. An indulgent pampering session that wills stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins.


The Rasul bath is more than just a beauty treatment: it's a sensory ceremony. This ancient Eastern purification rite is particularly recommended for skin blemishes. The unique combination of healing clays, steam and essential oils promotes the skin's regeneration and detoxes the body.

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