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Unfolding across 2,700 acres, Castelfalfi estate is a celebration of the region’s richest resource — nature. While the village experienced loss and prosperity over the centuries, the rolling hills and cypress trees remained unshakeable companions, and their resilience is the source of its captivating beauty. Across the estate, ancient woodlands and lakes are the backdrop to Tuscany’s largest golf course and an array of adventures including truffle-hunting, fishing, hiking and yoga. Descending from the hilltop into the village, medieval buildings house modern boutiques, restaurants and a spa. Perfectly situated between Florence, Pisa and Siena, Castelfalfi offers a rare opportunity to become part of Tuscany’s legacy. Sixty acres of vineyards produce seven impeccable wine labels, and the estate’s 10,000 olive trees produce 100% cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, allowing a centuries-old tradition to live on.

Luxury real estate in Tuscany for villas and tuscan casali

Castelfalfi Casali

A modern take on ancient architecture

As emblematic of Tuscany as its verdant, rolling hills, Castelfalfi Casali are more than simply part of the regional story - they are the pages upon which it’s written. Thousands of years of history and heritage are captured within the stone fireplaces, vaulted, wood-beam ceilings and regal arches, ready to be discovered by a new generation.

These meticulously restored and thoughtfully reimagined former homes take inspiration from the strength and simplicity of nature. The result is a new approach to contemporary living that evokes a sense of tradition. Terracotta and wood, at the heart of Tuscany’s story, infuse classic architecture with a modern flair, evoking feelings of pleasure, warmth and protection.

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Luxury real estate in Tuscany for villas and tuscan casali

Castelfalfi Villas

Contemporary luxury rooted in nature and history.

The villas represent physical expressions of the elements—water, fire, earth and air— and embody the idea that simple construction leads to a deep and meaningful life. Dreamed and designed by architect Davide Macullo, the newly built residences respect the region’s rural and noble history, combining it with exceptional contemporary luxury.

Balancing modesty and ambition, the villas are a blend of traditional and abstract elements. Terracotta filigree provides privacy while inviting light and fresh air to filter through, and olive and cypress wood pergolas adorned with flowers seamlessly integrate the living spaces with the landscape.

A shared mission between architect and owner, the villas offer a rare opportunity to design a custom luxury residence in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Simple yet sublime works of art, each villa bears the unique mark of its owner while harmonising nature, comfort, privacy and community.

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