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Castelfalfi goes to Forte dei Marmi

At Castelfalfi, your tranquil getaway transforms into an unforgettable journey to cherish eternally. To enhance our guests' experience and cater to their every need, we've initiated a special collaboration between Castelfalfi and the Alpemare Beach Club of Forte dei Marmi. This unique partnership offers a complete immersion into the essence of Tuscany, combining a stay amidst the region's picturesque landscapes with the luxury of our suites or villas, complemented by an exclusive beach experience.

By booking one of our Signature Suites or staying in our Tuscan-style villas you will have exclusive access to one of the 48 tents of Alpemare, the Bocelli family’s beach resort located on the renowned coast of Versilia. If you prefer to book another of our beautiful rooms, you can still enjoy exclusive access at a special price reserved for you. Picturesque coastal town that has always been a destination for travelers looking for sophistication and luxury, Forte dei Marmi with its tree-lined paths offers an endless series of five-star services that will meet your needs and enrich your holiday in Tuscany.

With four loungers, four deckchairs, two director chairs, two locker tables and two table tops, this comfortable tent will be your next luxury retreat in one of the most renowned beach resorts in the region.


Contemplate the rolling Tuscan hills from the private gazebo of your signature suite and walk barefoot through the sand in one vacation.