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It's harvest time at Castelfalfi

It's harvest time at Castelfalfi

The harvest in Castelfalfi is the most important moment of the year, made of conviviality, commitment and sharing. For us the harvest is above all satisfaction, the culmination of a year of work made of the sacrifices and dedication of our winemakers. The harvest is waiting and expectation and the beginning of the harvest means to make the most important decision: to establish the perfect stage of ripening of the grapes through continuous inspections in the vineyard. The harvest is also fun, a moment in which our team gathers in the vineyard and works together for a common goal - transforming our grapes into the best wine - by participating in an activity with a timeless charm.

Also this year, for the second edition of the event It's harvest time, armed with your personal tool kit, you can take part in the grapes harvest and live with us all the steps of the winemaking process: from the vineyard to the winery you can discover the fascinating stages of processing grapes to better understand the transformation of this magnificent fruit into wine. After having carried out the activity in the open air immersed in our unspoiled landscape, the experience of the harvest continues at the winery and the barrique room where you will witness the crushing of the grapes and the first moments of the fermentation. A flavour journey to discover our organic wines will relax you at the new Wine Shop & Garden of the estate, where our team of experts will delight you with a guided tasting.

Book now the experience It's harvest time and enjoy the vendemmia like a real winegrower!

When you start harvesting, everyone comes to say goodbye.