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La Scuderia - Art Exhibition at Castelfalfi

From May to December 2022, in the Borgo of Castelfalfi

Marble is the star, that ponderous and exacting material, which thrums with life, yet is contemporaneously light and fluttering, soft and at times impalpable. That material that Giorgio Angeli – with his Studio di Sculture d’Arte – Studio of Art Sculptures – provides to internationally famous artists so that they can give their creativity free reign.

And Castelfalfi is enriched by the presence of prestigious names. Curated by Alberto Bartalini, with their quintessential essence, the sculptures are intimately linked with the significant images on the walls within the interior spaces, engaging in a lively, riveting, and refined exchange. Outside, the slender streets, the well-kept gardens, the gentle architecture, and the stunning panoramic views resonate with new figures: sinuous, geometric, undulating, fragmented, these are the dear companions of anyone who, by chance or by routine, finds themselves spending time in this place.

Here the role played by Giorgio Angeli’s Studio of Art Sculptures emerges with remarkable potency: a physical and intellectual place in which the sculptor can enjoy the most complete and fulfilling ease with which to create. A place where the sculptor – to quote André Gide – does not attempt to translate their thoughts into marble: they think directly as if everything were already made of marble. They think in marble. A real artist hub. Manual skill, technique and creative intelligence find flawless fusion within this artist hub. Castelfalfi, this authentic gem nestled in the Tuscan countryside, has today become a living testament to this.