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Top-quality ingredients, grown with complete respect for nature

Tenuta di Castelfalfi was created thanks to our passion for the finest resource we possess: 1,100 hectares of fertile land emblematic of the local history, beauty and thousands of years of farming tradition.
Since 2013, the commitment and investments of Toscana Resort Castelfalfi have shaped the profound farming vocation
of our local area into a unique business.
Restoring the landscape, safeguarding biodiversity and enhancing quality farming produce: these are the values underlying
our choice to adopt organic farming principles.
To this day, the vineyards, olive groves and crop fields that shape the rural landscape of the Estate are distributed according to
traditional farming practices, remaining faithful to the wisdom of days gone by as we constantly
seek to improve and share the finest of our local produce with our guests.

Our wines

Each autumn, the 25 hectares of the Castelfalfi vineyards take on a central role on the Estate: from Chianti to Chianti Riserva DOCG, as well as our Poggio alla Fame that is our pride and joy, today we produce six organic wines. Into each bottle goes the work of skilled, expert hands, who take care of the vines with as low an environmental impact as possible, guaranteeing wines of exceptional quality.

At the Barricaia, with the support of our experts, guests can taste our wines, including our Vin Santo dessert wine, which can then be
purchased from our Wine Shop
at Tenuta di Castelfalfi.

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Our Olive Oils

For centuries, the Village of Castelfalfi has been surrounded by olive groves that stretch right along the hills, and its history is closely linked to oil production. To this day, we continue to invest passion in growing 10,000 olives of the varieties most typical of central Tuscany, which we use to make 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the traditional cold-pressing process, the extra virgin olive oil produced on the Estate is able to boast superb nutritional and organoleptic properties.

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Our constant desire to experiment and innovate has allowed us to extend our production into other areas, thanks to the invaluable collaboration with local food and wine companies.

Starting out from the most genuine produce harvested on the Castelfalfi Estate, we also make beer, grappa, balsamic dressings, digestive liqueurs: other locally produced specialities that offer a unique, all-round taste experience.

A Taste of Tuscany

Discover the rich variety of Castelfalfi's offer.

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